First Baptist Church of Niles


Wednesday Bible Study

Study of Prayer

The Legacy of Prayer

A look back at prayer warriors from the past.

The Purpose and Priority of Prayer

Why do we pray?  Why should it be a priority in our lives?

Types of Prayers

Whay types of prayers should Christians be praying?

God's Answers to Prayers

God always answers prayers.  His answers may not reflect what we had hoped for.

God alone decides what prayer is to be like and how prayer is to be answered.

To have a successful prayer life, one must know:

     •     obstacles which will hinder (locks)

     •     victory (keys)

Locks of Prayer

Keys of Prayer

One must condition themselves, if they wish to be a powerfull prayer warrior, just as an athletes would condition themself.

Conditioning Your Prayer Life - The Cross

Conditioning Your Prayer Life - Alligning Your Life

Conditioning Your Prayer Like - Alligning Your Heart

One must build their prayer life.  We have several tools which we can utilize to grow our prayer life.

We can build it through 1) the Word of God, 2) the will of God 3) the "Whatever" from God

Building Your Prayer Life

We can further build our prayer life by 1) reflecting on the name of God, 2) the Wisdom of God and 3) the ways of God's Spirit

Building Your Prayer Life - Part 2

Prayer Strategies

Targets of Prayer