First Baptist Church of Niles


Wednesday Bible Study

Christian Virtues

The Virtues to Strive for to be the Christian You Should Be

Complaints of the state of virtue in our culture are commonplace.  For most of us, virtue is attractive.  We want to find a person we can trust, then that's the person we want to stick with.

God set some standards for us.  and one of the fruits of knowing Him, is that He grows us into people of virtue.

Faith Comes through knowing God and experiencing Him in our lives.

Hope Comes from the recalling previous experiences.

Love Grows by putting our fath and hope in Christ.

Wisdom Look at wisdom in light of the cross

Justice God has love for the voiceless

Courage Maintain your unique identity as a Christian

Moderation Not keeping up with the Joneses

Integrity Affects our character and relationships

Perseverance Continue on with Christ until the end