First Baptist Church of Niles


Wednesday Bible Study

Becoming a Disciple

All Christians are called to be disciples.  

We are all familiar with the verse

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19

The verse does not apply only to pastors and church leaders, but to all Christians.  You may be the only person who is able to lead another to Christ.

The question becomes 1) How do I become a disciple? and 2) How do I make disciples of others?

How do I become a disciple?

Overview The importance of becoming a disciple, and God's part in it

Salvation Saved by Christ alone

Assurance of Salvation Three Marks of a Believer

Our New Identity We have a new life in Christ

United with Christ Overcoming Temptation

Walking in the Spirit Overcoming the World

Overcoming the World The External Enemy

Knowing the Enemy The Enemy and His Tactics

Overcoming Temptation The Internal Enemy

Spritual Warfare  Put on Your Armor

Spritual Warfare Calling the Commander

How do I make disciples of others?

Studying the Old Testament

Making Disciples Overview

Creation and the Fall How it all began

God's Covenant with Abraham The Start of Salvation

The Exodus God reveals His power

The Covenant with Moses How God wants us to live

Sacrifice and Atonement Getting right with God

God's Presence on Earth Secure in His Presence

The Kingdom of God The Eternal Plan

Exile and Restoration Hope for Sinners

Studying the New Testament

Jesus the Messiah Fulfillment

The Great Commission What is to be done

The Spirit of God What He means to us

The Early Church Transform Lives

Good News for All Nations

Being More Like Jusus

Love - Being the Shepherd

Pray - For the Glory of God

Obey - Being a Servant

Walk - Walking in the Spirit

Go - Seek the Lost

Share - Tell others

Sow - Increase the harvest

Take Up - The Ultimate Test